To make the energy market sustainable, we don’t just need renewable electricity. We also need to keep innovating the market and according support systems to keep the processes coherent with the requirements of a sustainable system. As an example, since 2017, market communication processes have been systematically updated to more modern protocols such as webservices.

In May 2020, we made an announcement that changes would take place by the end of this year. More information is available now on the nominating process. Everyone in the energy market must participate in new nomination protocols by the end of 2021. Are you prepared for this change too?

From EDI to XML

In the electricity market the nominations exist so that TenneT knows the flows of electricity in the grid and can ensure that the grids remain stable. Because of the financial allocations by TenneT  based on this nomination, the nominations must be safe and meticulous. PVNED nominates every day, up until now with EDI messages. From February 15, PVNED will be using web services to nominate to TenneT, together with the other participants in the leading group.

Web services

Nominating has become quite complicated. In the current situation, filling an Excel file and emailing it to TenneT could be sufficient. The next step is using web services and TLS / SSL protocols with WS signing security. It is a challenge for the best among IT, so it is not very accessible for companies that want to concentrate solely on the energy side of the market. If you want to continue to operate within the energy market however, your nomination process has to be modified by October 1, 2021. After past experiences with GLDPM, this deadline is firm for all participants that nominate to TenneT. In contrast to previous messaging changes, this deadline is firm and everyone who nominates has to use web services from there on end.

PVNED Market Message API

PVNED will join the leading group in transferring to web services in February 2021. From February 15, we will send nominations by means of web services to TenneT. We helped in the development of the process, so we know all ins and outs. We offer this experience as a service to our customers. From April 2021 most of you will want to participate in the second phase to transfer to web services. From April, PVNED will offer the safe and reliable environment PMMA (PVNED Market Message API) where you can easily covey your position to TenneT without all the difficulties of web services. This means not developing a dedicated IT system. And you can use the knowledge and skills that PVNED has gained in the leading group to handle the technical part of the process. You can focus on what is really important and we will handle the supporting systems.

Up and running within a week

The PMMA is already being used for various market processes such as emergency power (mFFR). There are various options for conveying your position, such as a GUI (graphic user interface) with an upload functionality, using FTP (file transfer protocol) or a web service in a simplified form. It has an audit functionality built in that keeps track of who does what and all messages and responses from TenneT are validated against the correct protocols, including sending the correct ACK responses where necessary. What needs to be done to get access? An official agreement that we will help each other and an initial setup. You can be up and running within a week.