Due renewable energy and the changing energy landscape, the Dutch Energy Market is expanding rapidly. The old EDINE protocols, could not handle the need for more frequent and granular data.
In 2020 the Allocation 2.0 project took off. Goal is, to phase out the old EDINE protocol and improve market processes where needed.

This forced PVNED to replace the legacy backend systems and look for a future-proof solution ready for big data, to be prepared for the upcoming data tsunami and be more flexible to serve customer needs.

In 2021 PVNED and zelospark joined forces and developed the byNeuron platform for BRP and Supplier Energy Data Management processes. Using the eMagiz Integration platform and the byNeuron platform, PVNED will be able to interface with all other market parties and move with the changes in the Dutch market.

In next weeks, taking off at december 5th, PVNED will participate in the “Kopgroep testen” which are preliminary tests with front-running parties, before the official acceptance tests with all other market parties.