PVNED Market Message API

At the moment TenneT makes a call for emergency power, you, as a supplier, have to switch quickly. Besides the required certificates and legal obligations, specialist hardware and software are essential. PVNED has this expertise, and has developed the PVNED Market Message API (PMMA) for the emergency power process. In this way, you keep complete control over the process, while we take care of the technical side.

Increasing and decreasing energy production

Do you get a call to increase your energy production in case of energy shortage? Or do you have to decrease your energy production because of energy surpluses on the grid? You can indicate your availability or unavailability in our application. By PMMA, you easily send a confirmation to TenneT when you are supplying emergency power. With our application, PVNED makes you carefree, so you can, as a supplier, completely focus on supplying emergency power.