Influence weather on energy

Solar power, wind speed, and rainfall have a lot of influence on the energy production, be it wind turbines, solar parks, or private solar panels. As specialist in forecasting, PVNED makes detailed prognoses of the production and decrease of energy. We work with professional forecast models and we monitor constantly. We do this as accurate as possible. By continuously analysing the difference between the predictions and the actual use, we reduce the risk of imbalance. Forecasting also makes sure that you, as bulk consumer, are better capable of making estimate of your energy use, and can buy your energy cheaper.

Insight into private energy use

When forecasting, we not only take weather predictions into account. For energy suppliers, we also look at the energy use of private persons. By analysing data over longer periods, we chart patterns. We incorporate vacations, holidays, and the different seasons. Together with the weather predictions, we can provide a detailed forecasting of the user profiles of your customers, and you are better able to predict the future energy use, and to reduce your imbalance costs.