Buying on the energy exchange EPEX

If you want to keep control of your energy bill, PVNED can arrange long term contracts for you with various trading parties. In this way, you do not depend on varying energy prices due to imbalance. It is also possible to purchase energy on the energy exchange EPEX SPOT (APX). This is often cheaper than the long term exchange. After a detailed forecast, we smartly buy your energy for tomorrow.

Grid losses and energy surplus

Are you confronted with grid losses? PVNED purchases the remaining demand of your energy on the energy market. Do you have an energy surplus as producer or supplier? Through PVNED, you can sell your energy to every trading party. We take care of selling your energy surplus on the EPEX SPOT market, and assure you of a flawless transaction.

Selling independently

It is unpleasant if you get a lower price for your energy due to imbalance. You can prevent this by entering into contracts with multiple suppliers. PVNED wants to take this out of your hands. We sell your energy on the EPEX SPOT market, so you are not dependent on one supplier, and you get a better price for your energy.