Outsourcing programme responsibility

When selling energy is your core business, it is good to outsource certain obligations to a professional. As recognised balance responsible party, we want to take this responsibility out of our hands. PVNED is independent, and not a competitive party for you. We maintain your balance responsibility, and facilitate in imbalance pooling.

Save costs with forecasting

As a customer of PVNED, you don’t have to make unnecessary investments as a (starting) energy supplier. PVNED has the right certification with national grid operator TenneT, but a precise contract and profile management is also essential to save costs. Particularly now customers switch more often between energy suppliers. Our professionals work with specialist IT systems for forecasting the daily energy use of your customers.

Smart buying and selling energy

PVNED wants to buy your energy for you at the energy exchange EPEX. Do you produce energy yourself? You will also profit from our market access to the trade exhibition. With PVNED, you are assured of a good price for your energy.

PVNED wants to support you in buying and selling your energy.