Better purchase price for your energy

With PVNED, you get a better purchase price for your energy. We will buy energy directly for you on the EPEX spot market, against the lowest price. Do you want to buy energy yourself as an energy manager? Or do you subcontract to an external party? Then we will also think along with you. PVNED has specialised portfolio managers. They can advise you about the purchasing of energy at the best timing. We do this aided by detailed forecasting models, so you can buy your energy cheaper.

Independent balance responsible party

PVNED does not buy and sell energy itself. This makes us completely independent. As independent balance responsible party, we only provide the complete administrative process around purchasing. In this way, you can buy your energy without being influenced on the energy exchange.

Outsourcing balance responsibility

Your company depends on energy. Of course, as a bulk consumer, you want a clear insight in the composition of your energy price. In a fixed purchase price, a risk premium for imbalance is always included. At many companies, the energy premium is higher than the actual risk costs. PVNED takes care of your balance responsibility. We manage the risks, and you save money with minimal effort.

Support for emergency power

Do you supply emergency power to TenneT as bulk consumer? You have to be able to switch quickly in increasing and decreasing your energy. PVNED supports you with our PVNED Market Message API.

PVNED smartly buys your energy at the EPEX spot market.