Retail vs wholesale energy

When it comes to corporate energy, there are different types of users within the energy market. For example, there are retail as well as wholesale energy consumers. The difference between a retail energy (e.g. SME’s) and wholesale energy consumer is in several criteria. For example, a retail energy consumer only has connections for small consumption (less than 3 x 80 amperes and less than 40 m3 per hour) and a wholesale energy consumer has at least one connection for large consumption (more than 3 x 80 amperes and more than 40 m3 per hour).

In addition, a different model applies to both types of users. For retail energy consumers, the supplier-model applies. In this model, the transportation costs of the grid operator are charged by the energy supplier and these costs are then settled by the energy supplier, with the grid operator. For wholesale energy consumers, the grid-operator-model applies. This means that wholesale energy consumers pay the grid operator costs to the grid operator itself. Other contract types also currently exist. This small retail model is still based on the conventional meter.

A third difference is that retail consumers monthly pay a certain amount in advance, which is cleared at the end of the year when the actual consumption is determined. Large-scale consumers, on the other hand, pay the actual consumption per month.

Large-scale energy consumption

If you are a large-scale energy consumer and want to save money on your corporate energy, you can contact PVNED. We advise wholesale energy consumers such as refineries, chemical and metal processing companies on how to make smart energy purchases. Renegotiating your contracts and fully relieving you of your worries are also among the possibilities PVNED is happy to take care of for you.

Business energy

PVNED ensures that you pay a better price for your corporate energy. We purchase energy at the lowest possible price on the day-ahead and intraday markets of the EPEX SPOT. The advantage of this is that the energy on this market is less expensive compared to the ICE ENDEX. Additionally, when you want to purchase your energy yourself, or outsource this to another party, we would like to think along with you. PVNED employs specialized portfolio managers who will be happy to advise you on purchasing energy at the most favorable times. We do this using detailed forecasting models, so that you can purchase your corporate energy at a lower cost.

Balance responsibility and emergency power support

In addition to purchasing your energy, PVNED is also happy to take other tasks relating to wholesale energy off your hands. As a large-scale consumer you want to have clear insight into the formation of your energy price. When you pay a fixed purchase price, this always includes a risk fee for imbalance. This risk fee is often higher than the actual costs. PVNED, as a fully recognized BRP (Balance Responsible Party), is happy to take your balance responsibility off your hands. In this way we manage the risks and you save money on your corporate energy. If you supply emergency power to TenneT, PVNED can also support you in that area through our PVNED Market Message API.

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