Facilitating energy purchase

We as balance responsible party (BRP) facilitate energy purchase and sales on a wholesale market, based on the supply and demand of our customers. We try to match the supply and demand of energy among our customers as closely as possible to the expected energy consumption. The aim is to balance the supply and demand of electricity and gas at any moment of the day. In this way, we prevent imbalance costs.

Best energy price

The energy market is an incredibly complex and complicated market. PVNED helps with energy purchase and sales, predicting daily energy production and avoiding imbalance costs. We can, for example, take over your program responsibility and facilitate the energy purchase and sale on the EPEX trading market. As a customer of PVNED you can benefit from our access to the EPEX trading market. We can also advise large industrial consumers on smart energy purchasing. At PVNED, you get the best energy prices, because energy will be bought directly from the EPEX spot market through us. Therefore, we can make sure you can buy your energy for the lowest possible price.

Authorized balance responsible party

As a customer of PVNED you can count on a reliable partner with specialist knowledge, enabling us to ensure you buying your energy at the best price. As a fully authorized BRP, PVNED works closely with the national grid operator TenneT. With full recognition, a recognized legal entity is allowed to bear balance responsibility, meaning this person is allowed to do the planning for all affiliated parties and commercial transactions. PVNED is therefore registered in the BRP register: a register of recognized parties with program responsibility. PVNED does not buy or sell energy itself and this makes us completely independent. This means that we ourselves do not take a position in the energy market. This allows us to serve and advise our clients honestly. We only take care of the administrative processing of your purchase.

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