What is imbalance?

The national grid operator TenneT monitors the balance on the high-voltage grid day and night and is responsible for establishing the balance within the electricity grid. Within the electricity grid, energy producers and energy suppliers are directly connected to each other. Within this public electricity network, every Watt needed must be produced directly. Electricity is difficult and expensive to store. TenneT ensures that the electricity grid remains between 49.5 – 50.5 Hertz and 195.5 – 253 Volt. If this is not the case, there is a risk of electricity failure. Imbalance within the electricity market is the direct difference between production and actual consumption per quarter-hour.

TenneT imbalance prices

In order to meet the required balance responsibility, PVNED reports to TenneT how much energy you will add to the electricity grid. We predict this using specialized forecasting models. Despite accurate forecasting, there is always a difference between the exact actual consumption and the predicted consumption and preventing imbalance is impossible. Any difference between predicted and actual energy consumption creates energy shortages or surpluses. TenneT solves this by switching electricity on or off. This involves costs, which are passed on to the energy suppliers at imbalance prices. This results in constantly fluctuating imbalance prices.

Imbalance Pooling

As an energy supplier, you always have to deal with energy imbalance. Whether it is about wholesale or retail energy. When you have an energy shortage or energy surplus and therefore have consumed or produced more or less energy, TenneT subsequently charges imbalance costs for this. At PVNED we make use of imbalance pooling. As a client you are automatically part of our imbalance pool, in which we share the imbalance costs. By joining forces, we reduce the overall risk of imbalance and keep imbalance costs as low as possible.

Fully authorized BRP (balance responsible party)

PVNED is a fully recognized BRP and works closely with TenneT. We are closely involved in crucial processes in the energy market. This enables us to quickly connect with our customers and represent their interests. PVNED is a fully independent BRP, which means that we do not take a position in the energy market ourselves. In this way we serve and advise our clients honestly. PVNED has the right expertise to provide you with the best energy price and to completely unburden you in this area.

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