Large-scale industrial consumers

Time to renegotiate your contracts

Large-scale consumers are becoming increasingly active on the energy market and are renegotiating their long-term contracts with traditional electricity suppliers. The breaking open of contracts is enabling basic capacity to be bought in the long term – mostly with several different suppliers – and extra capacity can be bought for the short term. Large-scale consumers such as refineries or chemical and metal-processing companies can save hundreds of thousands to millions of euro every year in this way.

Avoid unnecessary risk premiums

Electricity is an important part of your production cost. It’s natural that you want to have a clear insight into how your electricity price is calculated. There is always a risk premium for imbalance included in your fixed electricity price (see maintaining a balance for more information). For most companies the premiums are higher than the actual costs. By outsourcing the balance responsibility to PVNED and managing your own risks, you save a lot of money with minimum effort.

Buy your electricity directly

Perhaps you are interested in buying electricity directly at the most beneficial moments, possibly as advised by specialist portfolio managers. We can settle your orders and do so with full independence. PVNED does not buy or sell any electricity for itself so it never has any conflict of interests. We simply take care of the administrative processing. This means you have alternatives when it comes to producers, suppliers and intermediaries, and you can buy and even sell your electricity on exchanges without any external influence.

Our service provision:

  • Balance responsibility: if you trade you own electricity, we can take over your obligation to correctly submit your expected next-day consumption volume to the national network operator (see maintaining a balance for more information)
  • Benchmarking: we examine and analyze your consumption profile to check it fits in with your purchasing strategy. We also look into your existing energy contracts and offer you options for improving your conditions.
  • Forecasting: we can estimate your consumption better thanks to our knowhow of analyses, so you can ultimately make cheaper purchases
  • Trading on the exchange: we buy your electricity (or sell your unforeseen surpluses) on the spot market (APX, Belpex) in accordance with your instructions, and take care of all the administrative processing for your transactions with your trading parties. We also place conditional orders, such as limit orders, in accordance with your instructions. In exceptional cases, for example in the event of unexpected technical maintenance, we can act on the intraday market on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Pooling: as our client you automatically join our imbalance pool. If another PVNED client overestimates their delivery, and your delivery is underestimated, or vice versa, the difference is automatically balanced out, without any added administrative work, and with a financial benefit for you.

We provide these services for clients in Belgium and the Netherlands.